The New York Institute of Finance (NYIF) Celebrates 100-Year Anniversary With Pre-College Programs Designed to Develop the Next-Gen Talent, Future Wall Street Legends, and Business Leaders


New York, NY – (June 24, 2022)

Started up with a hybrid background and grew robustly across centuries

The New York Institute of Finance (NYIF) is celebrating its centennial this year. Established by the New York Stock Exchange in 1922, the Institute has been dedicated to the field of financial education and prides itself on its trademark Where Wall Street Goes to School™. From 1922 to 1941, the Institute remained a department of the NYSE and eventually became a separate enterprise by 1941. As a pioneer in financial education, the Institute introduced the “Mock Market” in 1925, a trading simulation conducted on the floor of the Exchange after trading hours. The simulation became an integral part of the one-year training program for new employees.

The same year, the Institute’s name started appearing in local newspapers’ broadcasting schedules for marketing purposes. In 1936, NYIF courses were opened to the public. The Pittsburgh Press (1941) announced, “the Institute replaced the New York Stock Exchange Institute and took over its function as the educational branch of the NYSE”. The name of the New York Stock Exchange Institute officially changed to the New York Institute of Finance (NYIF) and NYIF became a separate institution.

During the Second World War, NYIF established war-training programs with support from the U.S. army and war experts. The Montreal Gazette (1942) reported, “Since the introduction of the special war training courses…The New York Institute of Finance had been swamped with inquiries.” The New York Stock Exchange (1942) stated, “Permission has been granted to the New York Institute of Finance to use the Board of Governor's meeting room for a lecture course and a portion of the Exchange Floor, … in connection with a course in military training which is being organized.” In 1945, along with the New York Stock Exchange and New York University, the Institute trained to return war veterans to assist with job placement in the financial industry.

By 1964, the New York Institute of Finance (NYIF) had grown into a robust leader in the financial education industry. Various media coverage from the 1960s and on highlights NYIF’s active focus on assisting women, people of colour, and minorities to realize their dreams in the financial industry. The News-Dispatch (1964) reported, “They include new students from 50 states and 17 foreign countries, representatives of the general public as well as banks, insurance companies, and brokerage houses…” Starting in 1972, the Institute began publishing high-quality reference books in financial education, publishing more than 30 books to date. With its wide range of programs and global reach, NYIF has educated some of the most successful leaders in the financial industry, including Warrant Buffett, who attended NYIF in 1952.


Providing cutting-edge financial training to professionals worldwide since 1922

The Institute offers over 50 certifications ranging from introductory to advanced, as well as a number of professional designations that build careers through expertise. NYIF courses cover the length and breadth of the financial services industry specializing in core subject areas including Accounting, Corporate Finance, Derivatives & Options, Equities, ESG investing and Green Finance, FinTech, Fixed Income, Mergers & Acquisitions, Micro Finance & Impact investing, Financial Operations, Portfolio Management, Quantitative Finance, Regulations & Compliance, Risk Management, Structured Products, Sustainable Finance & Responsible Investments, and Wealth Management & Private Banking. Designed and taught by senior industry practitioners these certifications stand out for imparting practical knowledge and job-ready skills to the participants. Lionel Bochurberg, NYIF Alumnus ’17 said, “the course gave me some additional tools from a holistic perspective, very useful for my practice… The exam with the Online Proctor system was very professional.

The New York Institute of Finance (NYIF) regularly collaborates with leading organizations to develop cutting-edge specialized programs to provide world-class training to professionals from all around the world. In 2019, NYIF and the Egyptian Banking Institute teamed up to bring professionals from the financial services sector in African and Arab countries a joint certificate program on Corporate Finance and Credit. In 2020, NYIF and Google Cloud launch the Machine Learning for Trading Specialization on Coursera. The following year, the Institute announces a partnership with the Digital Assets Council of Finance Professionals, an organization founded by Ric Edelman, for the Certificate in Blockchain & Digital Assets® Program.

Since 1922, NYIF has been committed to offering world-leading ‘Wall Street knowledge’ taught by practitioners and experts in finance. We have teams and offices in several key nations and together with our digital learning platform, have the ability to serve students and professionals worldwide. Our partnerships with a diverse range of financial institutions, government agencies, industry associations, multilateral agencies and universities also provide us with an opportunity to offer cutting-edge, comprehensive education, and job-specific skills to a wider range of global students,” said Lee Tian, the Chief Executive Officer of NYIF.

In 2020, the Institute expanded their services to middle school and high school students by launching the G2020 pre-college educational platform. The G2020 platform is designed to train younger students who are passionate about developing careers in business, finance, and entrepreneurship. The G2020 platform includes The G2020 Young Finance Scholar (YFS) Program, a tailor-made academic enrichment and beyond-school training program for talented students to enrich their financial & business education, research capabilities, and soft skills & extracurricular profiles. Taught and designed by senior Wall Street experts and business leaders, the YFS program aims to nurture at an early age, a strong financial and entrepreneurial acumen among these high-potential scholars. Another program offered on the G2020 platform, The G2020 Young Equity Analyst (YEA) Program, is a 2-week training program in stock analysis, trading, and related financial and investment education. Participants in the YEA program practice forecasting future sales growth, profits, expenses, and cash flow, identifying patterns for trading stocks in the short and long term, and building a diversified portfolio of their favorite stocks. In addition to the online programs, NYIF offers G2020 summer and winter Bootcamps in key cities worldwide.

As part of NYIF’s continuing commitment to providing high-quality professional education to learners everywhere and promoting equality in financial education, NYIF established the Global Prosperity for All Initiative (PAI) project. PAI is a non-profit education program that aims to improve employability and financial independence among global youth of all backgrounds. The curriculum has three focuses: improving financial literacy, introducing students to the financial industry, and providing entrepreneurial knowledge. The program includes 10 courses plus a few workshops/ seminars to cover current topics as well as invite industry experts and professionals to share their educational and professional experiences. All courses in this program are free and sessions are offered in different time zones.


The Stock Trading Professional Certificate: Online

In honor of NYIF’s 100-year anniversary, NYIF has collaborated with Wall Street experts, Peter Tuchman, the most recognized trader at the New York Stock Exchange, and David Green, a Wall Street veteran trader with over 35 years of experience, to share their industry knowledge and equip online learners with the skills and knowledge needed for successful trading.


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The New York Institute of Finance was formed more than 100 years ago by the New York Stock Exchange and is a global leader in delivering education and training for the financial services industry. The Institute offers a vast array of courses ranging from introductory to advanced, as well as several professional designations that build careers through expertise. Each year the Institute delivers training to more than 50,000 individuals in over 125 countries.

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