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A Financial Times company, the New York Institute of Finance is modern era business education, founded by the NYSE.
Est. 1922

Chartered Financial Risk Engineer

In 2017, NYIF will launch a radically innovative training program, the CFRE TM. Guided by an advisory committee of world-class finance academics and practitioners from around the globe, we are developing an immersive, hands-on training program with the focus squarely on the acquisition of desk ready skills.

“Our aim is simple: Prepare candidates with the most complete set of technical and practical skills to be the best risk managers and risk quants anywhere, period.”

Anton Theunissen, PhD, Curriculum Director, NYIF

“The CFRE TM is going to be a game changer in the world of risk management training. Nothing else comes close.”

Lee Arthur, Managing Director, NYIF

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Understanding the Fed

Click here to enroll and learn about the structure and purpose of the Federal Reserve and how its actions impact not just the US economy, and financial institutions, but individual investors and savers alike.

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Remove the risk of return on your learning investment: our faculty are recognized industry leaders and the best in their fields. Our courses keep pace with the rapidly evolving financial ecosystem so your knowledge is always current.


Elite Alumni Network

Our members manage the world’s money, and work at the top investment banks, Fortune 500 companies and financial regulators around the globe.
JP Morgan Morgan Stanley UBS BNP Paribas Merrill Lynch Sumitomo
Mitsui Bank
Central Bank of Nigeria World Bank Deutsche Bank RBC
Bank of China China CITIC bank Deloitte E&Y Accenture


What our alumni are saying

“.. honestly this course opened many doors to me in my professional career.”

Finance Manager, Air France

“I have taken 2 different courses here and both have been excellent. The instructors in general have lots of Wall Street and corporate experience and it shows in the content and delivery.”

NYIF Alumni

“The course was very helpful for my work in corporate treasury. I gained new knowledge and methodologies of ALM ”

Finance Manager, RBC

“The course definitely gave me an overall strategic vision for the endowment I am in charge of managing.”

Luis Reyes, CFO

“It was informative and practical for my day-to-day role. I’ll be sure to look to the New York Institute of Finance for future continuing education needs.”

NYIF Alumni

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