Brokerage Operations Professional Certificate: Online
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Brokerage Operations Professional Certificate: Online

This course will provide you with the baseline knowledge of the entire trade lifecycle from the point of execution to clearance and settlement.

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Program LevelIntroductory
Prerequisites None
Advance PreparationNo advance preparation required.
Recent Revision Date February 6, 2017
Instructional Delivery Method QAS Self Study
Field of StudySpecialized Knowledge
What You'll Learn
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av_timer4 Hours

Module 1: Introduction to Brokerage Operations

  • Brokerage Operations: Overview
  • Type of Accounts
  • Client Requirements
  • Customer Identification Program
  • Security Types
  • Types of Issues
  • Processing Systems
  • The Players of the Financial Community
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av_timer2 Hours 45 Minutes

Module 2: The Marketplace

  • Introduction to the Marketplace
  • A Timeline of the U.S. Equity Market
  • Over the Counter Market
  • Order Management System
  • The New Order Trading Process
  • Bond Secondary Markets: Discussion
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av_timer1 Hour 45 Minutes

Module 3: Trade Processing

  • Trade Processing Function
  • Trade Confirmation Contents
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av_timer45 Minutes

Module 4: The Clearing Corporation

  • Introduction to Clearing Corporation
  • NSCC and Most Other Clearing Corps
  • Option Clearing Corporation
  • Government Security Division of FICC
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av_timer3 Hours

Module 5: Settlement

  • Trade Processing Function
  • Understanding Settlement
  • Settlement Financing Tools
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av_timer1 Hour

Module 6: Custody and Asset Servicing

  • Introduction to Custody and Asset Servicing
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av_timer2 Hours 30 Minutes

Module 7: Margin

  • Introduction to Margin
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av_timer30 Minutes

Module 8: Cash and Brokerage Accounting

  • Introduction to Cash and Brokerage Accounting
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av_timer1 Hour

Module 9: Stock Record

  • Introduction to Stock Record
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av_timer4 Hours 30 Minutes

Module 10: General Ledger

  • Introduction to General Ledger
  • FOCUS- Financial and Operational Combined Uniform Standard
  • Supplement eLearning Courses
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av_timer1 Hour 30 Minutes

Module 11: Brokerage Operations Professional Certificate Examination

  • Final Exam
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    Desk-Ready Skills

  • Identify the key roles of Brokerage Operations.
  • Recognize the different types of accounts.
  • Recognize the key tasks a client is required to perform in Brokerage Operations.
  • Identify the salient features of the Customer Identification Program.
  • Recognize the differences between the main types of securities in Brokerage Operations.
  • Recognize the main characteristics of the various types of Issues.
  • List the key components of the Security Reference File.
  • Recognize the key roles of the various players within the Financial Community.
  • Recognize the characteristics of the marketplace to settle and clear instruments and how it interacts with the operation process.
  • Trace the evolution of the U.S Equity Market.
  • Identify the difference between Dark Pools and ECNs.
  • Recognize the functions of an Order Management System in the Equity Markets.
  • Identify the various ways to operate a Bond Secondary Market.
  • Identify the steps to process a trade.
  • Identify the components of the trade processing cycle.
  • Recognize the definition of clearing corporations and identify their role.
  • Recognize the definition of NSCC and other clearing corporations.
  • Identify the steps involved in the workings of Option Clearing Corporation (OCC).
  • Identify the steps involved in the workings of Mortgage Backed
  • Securities Clearing.
  • Identify the responsibilities of the Purchase and Sales Department.
  • Recognize the definition of Fail Control.
  • Identify the causes of Fail Control.
  • Recognize the steps involved in the working of the buy in process.
  • Recognize the different types of financing tools.
  • Identify where securities are located for custody and asset servicing.
  • List the two forms using which registration of the client securities can be maintained.
  • Recognize the process to transfer securities.
  • Recognize the definition of a Beneficial Owner.
  • Recognize the role of operational groups in the calculation of margins in customer accounts.
  • List the three components of an equities market account.
  • Identify the difference between a cash account and a margin account.
  • Recognize the definition of a Special Memorandum Account.
  • List the 3 types of calls a firm can issue.
  • Recognize the definition of a Short Sale.
  • Compute Option Margin.
  • Recognize the purpose for Accounting and Brokerage Accounting.
  • List the 5 categories of Accounting.
  • Identify the definition of the Profit and Loss Statement.
  • List the four categories of accounts in a brokerage operation.
  • Recognize the two primary records kept in a brokerage firm.
  • List the 3 ranges of accounts for a stock record.
  • Recognize the purpose of the general ledger.
  • Recognize the definition of the FOCUS Report.
  • List the contents of the general ledger.

Recommended for:

Securities Industry Professionals
Traders and Support Staff
Operations and Systems Staff
Research Analysts
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