Online Professional Certificate in Credit and Credit Risk

The growth in the markets in the 1990's led some to believe that good times had become permanent. More recent developments have brought home some old wisdom - credit quality counts! The courses offered addresses the importance of credit analysis and provides a comprehensive coverage of the field.

Obtain the prestigious New York Institute of Finance Professional Certificate to help you meet your professional and personal goals. The Professional Certificate Programs are comprehensive in scope and offer you a wide variety of courses to choose from. In addition, you will receive CPE credits to insure you are keeping up to date with your professional requirements.

All courses must be completed within one year with a score of at least 70% in each module.

Target Audience

Credit and financial analysts, portfolio managers, credit officers, commercial bankers, and corporate treasury staff.

Learning Objectives

Students will be able to:

  • Define corporate credit analysis
  • Discuss the reasons why a bank lends money and why corporations borrow
  • Identify the components of the lending process
  • Apply credit analysis to assess borrowers in real cases
  • Perform ratio analysis and cash flow analysis
  • Structure loan products in a competitive way
  • Identify and work-out problem loans
  • Understand the Credit derivatives market
  • Discuss Regulations related to both funded and unfunded credit derivatives
  • Discuss General principles of derivatives accounting under FAS 133
  • Understand Conceptual Approaches to Credit Risk Modeling
  • Understand Credit Portfolio Management
  • Discuss Credit exposure and its classifications
  • Understand Pre-settlement and Settlement Risk
  • Understand methodologies for rating credits
  • Discuss factors considered for credit analysis and scoring
  • Understand calibration and validation of the arrived at credit scores
  • Understand Basel’s internal rating–based approach to mitigate credit risk

Course Syllabus

Corporate Credit Analysis

  • Module 1: Introduction to Corporate Credit Analysis
  • Module 2: Industry and Company Forecasting
  • Module 3: Financial Analysis
  • Module 4: Non-Financial Analysis
  • Module 5: Credit Ratings and Credit Scoring

Credit Analysis

  • Overview of Credit Analysis
  • Lending Process
  • Financial Statement Analysis
  • Non-Financial Analysis
  • Asset Classification and Loan Loss Provisioning
  • Borrowing Causes and Sources of Repayment
  • Problem Loans
  • Consumer Installment Lending
  • Floor Plan Lending
  • Accounts Receivable and Inventory Lending
  • Participation Loan
  • Letter of Credit and Loan Commitments

Credit Derivatives

  • Overview to Credit Derivatives
  • Credit Risk
  • Credit Rating Dynamics
  • Emerging Markets
  • Classic Credit Derivatives
  • Total Return Swaps
  • Structured Notes
  • Repackaged Notes
  • Credit Portfolio Securitization Structures
  • Case Studies for CPSS
  • Credit Default Swaps
  • Case Studies for Credit Default swaps
  • Credit Spread Options
  • Bank and Institutional Applications
  • Investor Applications
  • Corporate Applications
  • Pricing Credit Derivative Instruments
  • Risk involved in Credit Derivatives
  • Documentation
  • Regulations

Credit Risk Modeling

  • Conceptual Approaches to Credit Risk Modeling
  • JP Morgan CreditMetrics
  • CSFB's CreditRisk+
  • KMV PortfolioManager
  • Credit PortfolioView
  • Credit Portfolio Management

Introduction to Bank Lending Environment

  • Credit and Economic Growth
  • Commercial Lending
  • Working Capital
  • Bills and Letters of Credit
  • Lending Against Shares
  • Lending Against Real Estate
  • Term Loan

Counterparty Credit Risk

  • Overview of derivatives products
  • Credit Exposure
  • Credit Risk in Derivative Products
  • Pre-settlement and Settlement Risk
  • Netting
  • Margin and collateral requirement
  • Monte Carlo Simulation
  • Case Studies

Credit Ratings

  • Internal Rating systems
  • Internal rating based approach
  • External Rating



This New York Institute of Finance eLearning course is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and is designed so you can learn at your own pace - anytime and anywhere you access the Internet.


Professional Credits:
CPE Credits 5
ICB Credits 68.5
ICPAS Credits 25.5
CFA/CE Credits 52.5
$1,400 USD
Duration 75 Hours
Advance Preparation
No advance preparation required.
This course has no prerequisites.
Instructional Method
Self-Study Online