Professional Certificates from the New York Institute of Finance

A Professional Certificate from the New York Institute of Finance is a sought after credential that leading financial services employers around the world know and trust. Our certificates attest to your ability to perform in the real world of finance.

At NYIF we employ best training practices to allow you to develop a deep understanding of core financial theory and financial market interdependencies. NYIF Professional Certificate holders are desk-ready, equipped with practical skills and subject matter expertise to deliver in the roles of their choice.


Introductory Professional Certificates

If you are new to financial markets seeking to propel your career, then this is the place to start. Our Introductory Certificates lay the conceptual and practical foundations for your path to success. Each Certificate is comprised of multiple courses, so you can choose to take a full Certificate or just the courses relevant to your career.

Capital Markets Professional Certificate

This introductory program offers a comprehensive survey of capital markets. Money and banking, the role of central banks and the evolving regulatory landscape are reviewed.

Financial Accounting Professional Certificate

Explore the core financial accounting tools that will help you understand annual reports and footnotes - creating a solid understanding of the financial statements.

Credit Risk Analysis Professional Certificate

Gain a solid grounding in credit risk fundamentals with the tools and techniques required to perform a credit analysis - utilizing analytical tools to project future performance.

Corporate Finance & Valuation Methods Professional Certificate

Understand how the key principles of project analysis, budgeting, and valuation decide a firm's optimal capital structure.

Online Professional Certificate in Valuation

Explore the role of valuation in using concepts and principles from Corporate Finance, Mergers and Acquisitions, Business Valuation, Financial Statement Analysis.

Project Finance and the Public Private Partnership Professional Certificate: Online

This Professional Certificate develops a complete set of job-ready skills for investors, commercial and investment bankers, lawyers, accountants, and regulators.

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Professional Certificates

Our Professional Certificates develop the desk-ready skills you need to excel and to enhance your career prospects. Our training style is immersive and interactive, relying on realistic simulations and case studies. Bloomberg terminals are used in many of the Professional Certificate classes, giving you access to real-world, real-time data and analytics. These Certificates are for ambitious career-focused professionals who understand the value of having a complete set of real-world skills.

Chartered Investment Banking Analystâ„¢

The CIBATM program develops the complete set of desk-ready skills to succeed in the competitive world of corporate finance and investment banking.

Risk Management Professional Certificate

Develop a comprehensive survey of the practice of Risk Management. The major types of risk are identified, risk management tools and techniques are reviewed and financial regulation is covered.

Quantitative Methods for Finance Professional Certificate

This hands-on certificate program develops the fundamental desk-ready skills essential for quantitative roles in finance, including trading, structuring, valuation, risk management, regulation and financial engineering.

Derivatives Professional Certificate

Develop a comprehensive, practical understanding of derivative instruments including market conventions, contract specifications, valuation, trading strategies and the regulation of derivatives markets.

Portfolio Management Professional Certificate

Develop core competencies in portfolio management. Learn how to conduct portfolio performance measurement and attribution. Review portfolio strategies for a variety of asset classes including fixed income, equity and alternatives.

Mergers & Acquisitions Professional Certificate

Comprehensive analysis of the major facets of the Mergers & Acquisitions industry and the skills engaged in executing all areas of transactions from pre to post-merger integration.

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Advanced Professional Certificates

If you are technically minded or experienced financial markets professional, seeking to become the go-to-person in your area of expertise, then our Advanced Professional Certificates are for you. Advanced Certificate candidates should have a strong grasp of the subject matter at our Professional Certificate level.

Advanced Credit Risk Professional Certificate

A comprehensive survey of credit risk modeling, valuation and credit risk management techniques.

Advanced Data Science for Finance Professional Certificate

This course will teach you advanced Data Science tools to help you solve complex analytical problems in Finance. You will also be introduced to the latest big data technologies.

Advanced Derivatives Professional Certificate

Gain a deep understanding of derivative instruments. Learn the essential underlying mathematics in an intuitive, accessible fashion.

Advanced Fixed Income Professional Certificate

Develop advanced desk-ready skills for fixed income professionals. Learn the essential mathematics for term structure modeling and interest rate derivatives valuation in an accessible and intuitive fashion.

Advanced Portfolio Management Professional Certificate

Rigorous survey of the advanced tools and techniques employed in the practice of Portfolio Management.

Advanced Risk Management Professional Certificate

Review the advanced theory and practice of risk management, with particular emphasis on practice. Delegates will be introduced to tools and techniques by way of in-class exercises.

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