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  1. G2020 Young Finance Scholar Program: Accelerated Program (August 2023)

    English Introductory

    The Young Finance Scholar (YFS) program of the New York Institute of Finance (N...

    15 Hours $1,250.00
  2. Introduction to Credit Analysis Professional Certificate

    English Introductory

    Gain a solid grounding in credit risk evaluation using the tools, techniques and...

    5 Days $3,899.00
  3. The FinTech Revolution in Financial Markets

    English Introductory

    This program offers a thorough, yet non-technical exposition of the important co...

    1 Day $950.00
  4. Advanced Data Science for Finance Professional Certificate

    English Advanced

    This course will teach you advanced Data Science tools to help you solve complex...

    5 Days $5,995.00
  5. Introduction to Supply Chain Finance: Online

    English Introductory

    Supply Chain Finance is an emerging set of solutions within trade finance which ...

    14 Hours $449.00
  6. Portfolio Management Professional Certificate: Online

    English Professional

    This course helps develop core competencies in portfolio management....

    35 Hours $1,394.00
  7. Introduction to Supply Chain Finance

    English Professional

    Understand the growing importance of Supply Chain Finance and the state of the m...

    2 Days $1,989.00

    From $1,591.20

    To $1,392.30

  8. Data Governance in Financial Services & the Impact of Global Regul...

    English Professional

    Driven by the massive increase in the global regulatory environment, this is a c...

    1 Day $1,019.00

    From $815.20

    To $713.30

  9. Fundamental Excel Skills for Finance

    English Professional

    This course will teach you the essential elements of Excel useful for financial ...

    1 Day $1,099.00
  10. Risk Management Concepts

    English Professional

    Learn Risk Management concepts and practice in a non-technical fashion....

    2 Days $1,899.00

    From $1,519.20

    To $1,329.30

  11. Customer Protection Rule 15C3-3 - Online

    English Professional

    Learn how the three main purposes of the Rule 15C3-3 protect customer interests ...

    5 Hours $449.00
  12. Python Programming for Finance

    English Professional

    Learn Python to build applications for finance....

    3 Days $2,549.00

Items 73-84 of 326

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