New York Institute of Finance and edX Team Up to Bring Wall Street’s Finest Online Training to edX’s Spanish-speaking Learners

NEW YORK October 2nd, 2019 – Today, New York Institute of Finance (NYIF) is joining edX to announce the expansion of their partnership to deliver in-demand, skills-based financial training to Spanish-speaking learners on the edX platform.

“We are excited to provide our Spanish-speaking learners with the opportunity to expand their knowledge of the financial services industry, by offering access to high-quality financial content from a leading institution like NYIF. We are passionate about helping our learners gain the skills and knowledge they need in today's ever-changing workplace. This course, which is the first course available in Spanish from New York Institute of Finance on edX, gives learners the opportunity to deepen their understanding of financial markets to help further their careers,” said Anant Agarwal, edX CEO and MIT professor.

We are excited to provide our Spanish-speaking learners with the opportunity to expand their knowledge of the financial services industry, by offering access to high-quality financial content from a leading institution like NYIF.


edX, the world’s leading non-profit open source learning destination, will offer the first online financial training course for Spanish-speaking learners in one of the core areas of finance: Capital Markets & Key Participants, given by the New York Institute of Finance (NYIF). Capital Markets & Key Participants (Mercados de capital y participantes claves) is an introductory finance and economics course, that covers the fundamentals of global financial markets, including the structure and types of capital markets, and the skills involved to identify their key participants and impact on the market.

Taught by NYIF Curriculum Director, Jack Farmer, this foundational course equips students of all levels with the essential knowledge and skills required to advance in the financial services industry. This program is designed to eliminate skills gaps for trading and sales support personnel, regulators, compliance staff, financial journalists, and directors and managers who have transitioned, or hope to transition, to capital markets from other areas in finance. The course is now open for registration. Students have the option to audit this course for free or pursue a verified certificate for $49.

Participants can expect an intensive overview of the major aspects of capital markets including the economic interplay between financial intermediaries and markets, and learn the skills involved in identifying the drivers behind the global distribution of investment-grade bonds and equity market capitalization, to distinguishing between direct and indirect financing in global capital markets, and primary and secondary financial markets.

Michael Lee, the Managing Director, Corporate Development of NYIF, said: "We are extremely pleased to offer our most popular introductory course on Capital Markets to the edX Spanish-speaking community. With edX, we aim to enable Spanish-speaking learners to develop desk-ready skills in core areas of finance through our online training programs. We look forward to working closely with edX to offer more courses in Spanish in the near future."

Mercados de capital y participantes claves is part of edX’s diverse catalog of online courses and programs offered in Spanish. With this initiative, the New York Institute of Finance joins more than 18 institutions offering content to the Spanish-speaking community. At edX, you can find content from MIT, the Inter-American Development Bank, The University of Michigan, among many more.

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