Alumni Insights

The New York Institute of Finance recently surveyed its alumni on whether they felt their employers were providing them with adequate financial training. The survey results have been overwhelmingly positive, with the vast majority of those surveyed indicating they receive a sufficient level of training by their employers and, as a result, most stated they felt they have a good understanding of the important issues affecting their sector. Those surveyed said their top two most pressing educational needs were to enhance their knowledge of risk management (28 percent) and regulation and compliance (17 percent).

Q1. If you could learn anything in the next 12 months what would that be?

Workplaces appear to be allocating sufficient budget towards staff training on important issues affecting the sector, with 68 percent of those surveyed saying the level of training offered by their employers was good.

Q2. Do you think your company dedicates enough resources and budget to mandatory training on important issues?

Furthermore, the majority of those surveyed also indicated their workplaces were providing adequate training on the regulation and compliance requirements.

Q3. I believe my workplace provides me with adequate training on my regulatory and compliance obligations

The overwhelming majority of those surveyed said their knowledge of the regulatory and compliance requirements relating to their jobs was ‘good to very good’.

Q4. I would describe my understanding of the regulatory and compliance requirements relating to my job as: