{ "instructor": { "name": "Jared Wolk", "expertise": ["Derivatives","Portfolio Management","Risk Management","Capital Markets","Corporate Finance"], "short desc": "Jared has been in the finance industry for 14 years with experience in a variety of areas. His background includes equity and derivative trading, risk management, asset allocation and with training in psychology he enjoys behavioral finance.", "current position": "Jared is the Chief Investment Officer for GENn Family Office, a multi family office located in Calgary, Canada. As CIO Jared oversees external and internal management of multi asset portfolios for high net worth families.", "past positions": "Jared previously worked for Markit in their analytics division as a pre sales financial engineer. He worked for a global client base calibrating and implementing various components of enterprise level credit risk and market risk solutions. Prior to Markit Jared held various trading positions at a family office specializing in derivatives and North American equities.", "education": ["BA(Philosophy/Psychology), University of Calgary","MSc(Finance), Simon Fraser University"] } }