{ "instructor": { "name": "Tracy Williams", "expertise": ["Risk Management","Credit Portfolio Management","Corporate Finance","Financial Analysis","Securities industry"], "short desc": "Tracy Williams specializes in courses related to credit-risk management, credit portfolio management, financial analysis, credit analysis and corporate finance (asset and corporate lending). He has wide-ranging experience with securities industry and broker/deal clients and counterparties.", "current position": "Consulting in finance, investment banking and risk management.", "past positions": "Tracy was a Managing Director in the Financial Institutions Group at JPMorgan Investment Bank for 10 years. He headed risk management, loan structuring, loan operations and credit approvals for the broker/dealer and securities-industry client base (more than 250 institutions). Previously Tracy spent 27 years at JPMorgan Chase (and heritage institutions) in the financial institutions and loan restructuring groups.", "education": ["BA, economics and mathematics, Yale University","MBA, finance and business economics, Columbia University"], "publications":["Several articles on risk management and financial analysis for RiskReward.","Founding member, Consortium Finance Network (for MBAs in finance) and has written more than 125 articles on finance topics for its weekly blog."] } }