{ "instructor": { "name": "Laura Smith Dunaief", "expertise": ["Capital Markets","Equities","Fixed Income","Mutual Funds","Consultative Selling","Coaching","Business Writing","Management Skills","Customer Service"], "short desc": "Laura has 20 years of experience in the financial services industry managing sales, client services, trading, executive communications, and training. Her areas of expertise include organizational assessment, certification program and workshop design, and program facilitation on such topics as leadership, management, and communication skills; sales; financial products; and U.S. capital markets and regulatory issues.", "Current position": [ "The owner of LASD Resource Development/CareerCraft, Laura partners with organizations to design, manage, and implement organizational training strategies and programs. Since 2003, she has worked extensively with international and domestic private banks, investment banks, mutual funds, and regulators, developing and facilitating custom programs to address a wide array of organizational needs. She has certifications from DDI and Achieve Global, and she is a Master Trainer for the Certified Professional in Training Management (CPTM) program, which she helped develop for Training Industry, Inc."], "past positions": [ "As a Director for Schwab Capital Markets, Laura led the capital markets training organization, managed the Associate Program, and headed a strategic client service initiative. Before joining the capital markets organization to run a Nasdaq equities trading desk, she managed an array of retail brokerage organizations for Schwab, including a specialized group that facilitated international trading for domestic clients, a broker call center, and a retail brokerage sales office."], "education": ["B.A., Organizational Behavior and Communication, New York University, magna cum laude with honors in Social Sciences"] } }