{ "instructor": { "name": "Manan Rawal", "expertise": ["Derivatives","Structured Products","Risk Management","Portfolio Management"], "short desc": "Manan specializes in courses related to the trading and risk management of derivatives across asset classes, including equity, fixed income, foreign exchange and credit. His experience covers portfolio management for instruments such as futures, swaps, options, structured products and private equity. He has held derivative trading and risk management positions at several major Wall Street firms.", "current position": "Manan is a Senior Vice President at HSBC where he focuses on market risk management for all trading businesses.", "past positions": "As Regional Manager of OTC Derivatives Pricing and Risk for HSBC's securities services division, he was involved in evaluating client portfolios across multiple asset classes and strategies in the alternative investment space. Manan also worked at Deutsche Bank, Swiss Re and DKR Capital. At DKR, he ran a portfolio focusing on global volatility trading across convertible bonds and equity derivatives.", "education": ["BS, Finance, University of Pennsylvania","MSc, Economics, London School of Economics","International Executive MBA, New York University","HEC School of Management"] } }