{ "instructor": { "name": "Joseph Prakash", "expertise": ["Insurance"], "current position": "Joseph brings more than 25 years of experience in financial services, including insurance and banking, and serves as Managing Member of JP Consulting, an insurance regulatory consulting firm formed by him in 2012.", "past positions": ["Prior to his current association, Joseph served the NAIC for eight years. As a Manager at the Securities Valuation Office (SVO), he led a team of professionals, who served as investment specialists analyzing the investment portfolios of insurers upon the request of the state insurance department. In addition, his Unit conducted training for regulators on all matters relating to insurer investments. Prior to joining the NAIC in 2002, Joseph served as Research Manager at Citigroup where he supervised a team of analysts and shared credit responsibility for a $3 billion high-yield securities portfolio. "," ","Joseph also worked as a senior bank examiner for the New York State Banking Department from 1991-1993. As a field examiner, he examined the investment and loan portfolios of several large domestic banks and the branches and agencies of large foreign banks based in New York City. Also, he served on the FRB-administered Shared National Credit Program, which required him to rate the loans and securities underwritten by large financial institutions."], "education": ["BSc degree from Nehru University","MBA ,Missouri State University"], "licenses":["CFA"] } }