{ "instructor": { "current position": [" GEGC provides three major financial services; asset management, corporate finance, and knowledge consulting. John is responsible for managing global small cap assets that have been ranked consistently in the upper quartile by consultants and reporting agencies such as Russell, Nelson, PSN and MMR. Since 1980 his funds have doubled client money every five years, on average. This has been done with excellent risk measures, such as Sharpe and the Information Ratio. He has also advised a niche offshore institutional global fixed income fund for a major bank. Currently, GEGC operates mostly as a family office. "," "," John also beat out several prominent global money managers for the award of a major Polish NIF government fund, and evaluated the largest private equity voucher fund in Bulgaria. He also created an institutional research list of Central and Eastern European companies that outperformed the respective indices of IFC and MSCI; developed and marketed corporate finance deals in the region, and negotiated joint investment ventures in Russia and the Ukraine. He has also teamed with other managers in advising and developing asset management products in Eastern Europe, GCC, and Asia. He is a member of the Financial Analysts and Money Managers of New York, and has taught finance courses at the Columbia Business School, Baruch, and New York University. He also teaches the CFA program, CMT Technical Analysis, and several finance courses, such as, portfolio theory, investments, and corporate finance at NYIF. Mr. Palicka has been quoted in business periodicals such as Business Week, Emerging Markets, Equity magazine, and the Wall Street Journal and has been interviewed on CNBC. He has also written articles in various business publications, and is the author of the finance book, Fusion Analysis. "], "education": [ "BS, Economics, St John's University", "MBA, Finance, Columbia University" ], "expertise": [ "Fixed Income", "Capital Markets", "Derivatives", "Portfolio Management", "Options Trading" ], "licenses": [ "Chartered Financial Analyst and Chartered Market Technician" ], "name": "John Palicka", "past positions": "Previously, Mr. Palicka spent 11 years as Managing Director and Chief Portfolio Manager for Midco investors, an investment boutique in small/mid-cap stocks of the Prudential Insurance Company. During this time, he took an original investment of $25 million and grew it to over $1.5 billion, ranking high against performance measures. Mr. Palicka also spent seven years as an officer of Bankers Trust Co., where he was involved with various commercial banking activities, such as emerging markets lending in the Middle East.", "short desc": "John has over 30 years of experience in researching and managing money in global, emerging, and US small-cap stocks. He is currently in his 22nd year as President and Chief Portfolio Manager at Global Emerging Growth Capital (GEGC)." } }