{ "instructor": { "vipeline":"61f9b5ac-05a0-432f-bf87-dbf7a1876085", "name": "Jorge Martinez", "expertise": ["Risk Management","Derivatives","Economics","Financial Analysis ","Financial Planning"], "short desc": "A senior finance professional with an extensive academic background, Jorge's areas of expertise include risk management (market, credit, liquidity, business and strategic), derivatives and exotic financial products, economic analysis, statistics, econometrics, financial analysis and financial planning.", "current position": "Jorge is managing director and founder of RISK Counseling Associates, a Monterrey, Mexico-based consulting firm engaged in risk management, financial strategy, economic studies and applied research for the Latin market. RISK has a partnership with MG Capital, an asset management firm focused on family office and high net worth wealth management in Mexico and Latin America. Jorge's responsibilities with MG Capital include risk management of the portfolio, chief economic advisor, planning director and investment strategist. He also is a partner in InBnk, MG Capital's investment bank. Jorge is a board member and chief economic advisor to Banco del Bajio and Afore Afirme Bajio. Jorge is President of The Latin Institute of Finance, a research institution and thinktank with partnerships with several Latin-American universities for the training of financial executives. He teaches international macroeconomics, financial engineering, financial strategy and derivatives at Monterrey Institute of Technology. Jorge is an honorary faculty member at the Texas Institute for Latin American Research in Finance, at the University of Texas at Austin, and a professor at the Universidad Chilena Adolfo Ibáñez in Miami.", "past positions": "Jorge worked as chief risk officer and head of economic analysis for the legal and quality departments of Banorte-Generali, a subsidiary of Grupo Financiero Banorte. He was also senior economist in the global economic analysis group for CEMEX's corporate planning department, where he provided macroeconomic and political analysis of countries in the Latin-American and Northern Africa-Middle East Regions. Jorge headed the CEMEX business risk management initiative in the Balanced Score Card corporate tool and was the liaison between the corporate planning and finance departments for the development of models to measure and manage earnings at risk. Jorge held tenure for eight years as an associate professor of economics and finance, both at the undergraduate economics faculty and the business school, of Monterrey Institute of Technology. He has been a visiting professor at several institutions in the U.S. and Europe.", "education": ["BA, economics, Monterrey Institute of Technology","MBA, Monterrey Institute of Technology","MS, applied economics, University of Pennsylvania & Monterrey Institute of Technology (joint program)"] } }