{ "instructor": { "vipeline":"39c22b72-e7ee-46c7-94c3-3a4393c26cbf", "name": "McCabe Hurley", "expertise": ["Derivatives","Futures","Options","Fixed Income","Corporate Finance"], "short desc": "McCabe has worked in the financial markets for over 25 years. She has been on the buy side and sell side as a trader and salesperson, for large banks, small firms and for herself. While focused on the derivative space, she has taught and generated revenue in a variety of asset classes. Her areas of expertise include derivatives (credit, fixed income and equity), futures, options, commodities (energy, metals and grains), equity valuation, corporate finance and Dodd-Frank.", "current position": "McCabe provides training, private coaching and process solutions to financial service institutions.", "past positions": ["McCabe worked with Commerzbank AG's corporate risk advisory group, where she covered energy companies, durable goods manufacturers and commercial real estate partnerships and brought derivative-based solutions to them. As a member of the New York Mercantile Exchange, she made markets in natural gas options for a private partnership. At Credit Lyonnais, she marketed fixed income products to U.S. asset managers and financial institutions that included swaps and options, with a focus on asset swaps and structured solutions. She was a member of the American Stock Exchange representing Chicago Research & Trading as an equity and index options market maker. As team leader and risk manager, McCabe employed many of the position and risk management techniques developed by CRT which are commonplace in the derivatives markets today. McCabe began as an options trader for an early-day hedge fund specializing in risk arbitrage and options."] } }