{ "instructor": { "Past Position": [ "Prior to joining FOCUS, Mr. Hooke founded Hooke Associates, LLC, an investment banking and corporate valuation consulting firm that worked with public companies, private enterprises, family-owned businesses, private equity funds, accounting firms and law firms.", "", "Earlier, Mr. Hooke was a private investment executive at Emerging Markets Partnership, the largest $5 billion private equity fund specializing in developing countries, and at the International Finance Corporation, the $20 billion World Bank affiliate. He was also an investment banker at two major Wall Street firms, Lehman Brothers and Schroder Wertheim." ], "education": [ "MBA from Wharton School", "B.S. from University of Science" ], "expertise": [ "Mergers & Acquisitions" ], "name": "Jeff Hooke", "Current Position": [ "Mr. Hooke, FOCUS Managing Director, has more than 30 years of corporate valuation, investment banking and private equity experience. A nationally recognized expert on valuation, Mr. Hooke is the author of four books on valuation, investment and finance. His background covers domestic and international clients and transactions.", "" ] } }