{ "instructor": { "name": "Joel Heilprin, CPA", "expertise": ["Corporate Finance","Financial Modeling"], "short desc": "Joel has executed transactions, acted as an interim CFO, taught advanced finance courses and developed pedagogical material for finance instruction. He specializes in corporate control transactions, fundamental analysis and valuation. Jeff has worked in private equity and investment banking for more than 15 years, valuing, structuring and negotiating the terms of proposed transactions as well as screening new business opportunities and leading due diligence teams.", "current position": "Joel is founder & managing director of 59th Street Associates LLC, a Chicago-based boutique financial advisory firm specializing in corporate control transactions, risk management and restructurings. He is also a research and teaching fellow with Harvard Business School.", "past positions": "Joel worked as an interim CFO for Fullbridge, Inc., where he was involved in raising early stage capital, managing the 409A valuation for employee stock options, developing business models, establishing accounting systems and policies, and managing the audit process. He has been involved in capital budgeting and strategic investment decisions on behalf of portfolio companies; and designed and implemented incentive compensation schemes. He began his career in mergers and acquisitions at Wasserstein Perella & Co. Joel worked in equity research with C.E. Unterberg Towbin, and in private equity with the Fremont Group and Juno Investments. He has performed liquidations and designed tax-motivated finance structures using complex over-the-counter digital options to reduce capital gains and/or step-up the basis of assets.", "education": ["BS, summa cum laude, finance and accounting, DePaul University","MS, information technology, Northwestern University","MBA, with honors, University of Chicago"], "licenses":["Certified Public Accountant (Illinois)"], "publications":["Joel is a business case writer for Harvard Business School Publishing. His cases cover the cost of capital, optimal capital structure, valuation using APV and WACC based DCF, and share repurchases."] } }