{ "instructor": { "name": "Steven Bloom, CFA", "Current position": [ "Steven Bloom, CFA, is an alternative investments portfolio manager and consultant who, for over 20 years, has been researching, originating, underwriting, recommending, and managing listed equities and private fund investments in traditional, real, and emerging asset classes." ], "past positions": [ "In his recent position as a portfolio manager for APG he originated and/or managed $1 billion of private fund investments for the high-performing $5.5 billion global Opportunity Fund. His expertise is in sourcing investment opportunities and performing manager due diligence in niche and hybrid sectors such as alternative reinsurance, energy infrastructure, impact investments, intellectual property, and real estate.", "", "Steven's experience is unusual in that he has worked with both listed and private investments and has held positions on the sell side and buy side. When he was a senior sell-side multi-family real estate investment trust analyst for Morgan Stanley he ranked highly in the annual Greenwich Research client poll, and as a telecom and technology stock analyst/PM for HSBC Asset Management he headed the global TMT team and fund. ", "", "Steven recognizes the importance of risk management and as a result has developed financial and risk models that incorporate stress testing, scenario analysis, and risk premia calculations." ], "expertise": [ "Financial Statement Analysis", "Alternative Investments" ], "education": [ "Bachelor's Degree, Agricultural Economics from Cornell University (Applied Economics & Business Management" ] } }