CFA Practice Question:

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Question - If a study of 3,000 daily equity returns results in a mean of .02% and a standard deviation of 1%, what is the interval of possible returns for the next period assuming a 5% significance level?

  • -1.94% to 1.98%
  • -2.15% to 2%
  • 0% to 1.96%

Answer: -1.94% to 1.98%

The interval is given as µ ± σ x z, where z is the appropriate value given the confidence level. In this case, the confidence level = 1 - significance level, or 1 - 5% = 95%. The z-score for a 95% confidence level is 1.96 (it would be a good idea to memorize this, as the z-score for a 99% confidence level, which is 2.58). When the numbers are inserted into the formula, the interval becomes -1.94% to 1.98%. 

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