Advanced Derivatives Applications for Asset Managers

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Advanced Derivatives Applications for Asset Managers

Develop the ability to research which derivatives strategies best fit your management style - covering all aspects of strategy development and position follow up.

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Module 1: Asset Class: Equity Issuers and Buyers

  • Decision making process: Equity & Debt
  • Unleveraged & Leveraged (Buyers of Assets)
  • Capitalization (Small Cap, Mid Cap, Large Cap)
  • Equity Valuation (Fundamental Analysis)
  • Absolute Valuation: Discounted Cash Flows
  • Comparative Analysis: Multiples
  • Equity Trading Points (Technical Analysis)
  • Trend Following Indicators
  • Entry & Exit Indicators
  • Risk Management Points
  • Measuring Performance - Benchmarks
  • Ways Active Managers Beat Benchmarks
  • Leveraged Equity Funds

Module 2: Asset Class: Interest Rate Issuers & Investors

  • Governments & Corporations (Issuers)
  • Decision Making Process: Maturity
  • Unleveraged & Leveraged Buyers of Assets
  • Investment Grade Corporate
  • Cross Over Corporate Credit Rating
  • High Yield Corporate
  • Credit Ratings & Transitions
  • Overview of Bond Pricing
  • Calculating the “credit risky” Bond Spread
  • Measuring Performance – Bond Indices

Module 3: Asset Class: Commodities

  • Energy
  • Metals (precious & industrial)

Module 4: Asset Class: Other Assets

  • Non-correlated Asset Classes (i.e., Volatility)
  • Exchange Traded Funds & ETN's

Module 1: Derivative Toolbox: Equities Derivative Products

  • Equity Swaps
  • Total Return Swaps
  • Replication
  • Equity Index-linked ETF's
  • Importance of Liquidity
  • ETF vs Futures
  • Tracking Error & Volatility Drag
  • Leveraged ETF's

Module 2: Derivative Toolbox: Interest Rate & Credit Default Swaps

  • Terms & Conditions
  • Market & quoting conventions
  • Market Participants & Applications
  • Hedging rate risk
  • Creating synthetic assets
  • Speculating on Interest Rates
  • Speculating on Credit Spreads
  • Trading 'basis': Underlying bond versus CDS

Module 1: Derivative Toolbox: Foreign Echange, Spot & Forwards

  • Currency Pairs
  • Quoting Convention & Trade Settlement
  • Overview of Market Participants
  • Overview of Uses & Applications

Module 2: Derivative Toolbox: Cross Currency Swaps

  • Terms & Conditions
  • Market & Quoting Conventions
  • The Basic Swap
  • The Lynchpin in the Cross Currency Swap
  • Basis Swap: Contract Terms & Conditions
  • Market Participants & Applications
  • Hedging Rate Risk
  • Creating Synthetic Assets
  • Speculating on Rates in other countries
  • Speculating on other countries Credit Spreads
  • Overview of CDS Pricing
  • CDS Pricing using Cash Flow Diagram

Module 3: Derivative Toolbox: Options

  • Terms & Conditions
  • Equity Options
  • Interest Rate Options
  • Trading venues & margin
  • Market Participants & Applications
  • How Each Market Participant Uses Options
  • Overview of Options Pricing
  • Probability & Volatility
  • Risk Management- The Greeks

Module 1: Derivative Toolbox: Defining Strategy & Risk Management

  • Dodd Frank Title VII
  • Bilateral Contracts vs. Cleared Contracts
  • Documentation
  • Initial Margin
  • Collateral Management
  • Eligible Collateral
  • Haircut Calculation
  • Credit Valuation Adjustment (CVA)
  • Calculation of Counterparty Risk
  • Single Asset & Multi-Asset Managers
  • Defining appropriate strategies
  • Evaluating Risk
  • Leveraged & Unleveraged Asset Managers
  • Defining appropriate derivative strategies
  • Evaluating Risk

Module 1: Derivatives Toolbox

  • Conclusion
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