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A NYIF Alumni is any student that has purchased any online course that is not a professional certificate. Click the button below to see the differences between being an alumni and becoming a member.


Membership is available only for those students that purchase an in person class or online Professional Certificate. There is a number of benefits that are offered to NYIF Members. Click the button below to see the benefits of being a member.

"The NYIF M&A Professional Certificate course provided the practical knowledge of applied M&A that has allowed me to drive critical conversations regarding my organization's global business development pipeline."

Risk Management Certificate of Mastery

Abraham Mateos Gallego

January 2016

M&A Certificate of Mastery

Featured NYIF Members

February 2016

Lionel Bochurberg

“It was a wonderful experience...I have enjoyed attending classes offered by great professionals & trying to keep up to a high level of learning that involves big effort and study"

"The course content was excellent, and the professor was also very good and engaging."

This Could Be You!


Certificate of Mastery


M&A Certificate of Mastery

"...landed my dream job. Thank you NYIF for giving me the tools & knowledge for a fruitful career in finance.

"As a legal practitioner in M&A, the course gave me some additional tools from an holistic perspective, very useful for my practice. I enjoyed the videos from a great team of presenters never boring and very well structured. The ancillary courses (such as US GAAp, IFRS etc) were also great. The exam with the Online proctor system was very professional. Overall a great experience!"

Ana Cristina Garcia

Chris Gossage

February 2016

M&A Certificate of Mastery

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  • Event & Conference Discounts
  • Exclusive communication about promotions that we are running for alumni
  • Access to our slack chat where you can interact with other students, faculty, and the NYIF staff


  • Yearly free credit to our large e-learning library and classroom courses
  • $500 e-learning credit per annum for online professional certificates
  • $1000 classroom credit per annum for any five-day course
  • 1-Year free access to, an FT service of online business lessons for senior management
  • Access to our membership Slack chat where you can connect with other members, faculty, and the NYIF staff
  • Become part of the referral program – when you refer five people the next five-day class is on us
  • Invites to NYIF Exclusive Member Events and discounts on FT events

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How am I eligible to sit for the NYIF Certificate of Mastery Examination?

  • Enroll in the professional certificate of the subject you want to master and attend all relevant training programs/classes. Schedule a slot for the NYIF Certificate of Mastery Examination and score more than 70% to receive your Certificate of Mastery.  
How does the eLearning and classroom credits work?
  • $500 eLearning credit can be applied towards any eLearning course & $1000 classroom credit can be applied towards any classroom training available on Credits expire 12 months after the last day of your class.
  • Discount cannot be combined with any other offers.

How do I become a member?

  • You can become a member by enrolling in any live course or online professional certificate and completing it successfully.

What Professional Certificates offer the Mastery Exam?

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