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New York Institute of Finance offers select universities and academic institutions an exclusive opportunity to differentiate their curriculum through our partnership program. Enhance your value proposition for student success by incorporating skills-based finance training into your graduate program. NYIF Professional Certificates are designed to develop the essential Desk-Ready skills that employers’ value and finance professionals need. Our training style is immersive and interactive; we employ realistic simulations and case studies that prepare students for the future. 

Our professional certificates are intended to produce high caliber candidates in the areas of M&A, Derivatives, Fixed Income, Financial Accounting, Portfolio Management, Financial Regulation & Compliance, and Risk Management. 

Make your graduate program worthwhile by partnering with the New York Institute of Finance.

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"It was a wonderful experience...I have enjoyed attending classes offered by great professionals & trying to keep up to a high level of learning that involves big effort and study."

Abraham Mateos Gallego

M&A Certificate of Mastery

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