{ "instructor":{ "name":"Severin Boussie", "expertise":[ "Equity Markets & Trading", "Prime Brokerage", "Market & Credit Risk", "Volcker Rule", "Broker/Dealer - Series 7 & 24", "Machine Learning", "Predictive Analysis", " Natural Language Processing", "Recommender Systems" ], "short desc":"Severin has 13 years of professional experience within Capital Markets. Holding senior roles in High Frequency Trading and Banking. A Data Scientist that is passionate about Machine Learning and New Technologies. He is also the founder of Kitquant, that provides Data Science Consulting Services.", "current position":"Founder/Data Scientist - Kitquant. Design and code Data Science components for clients : Predictive Analysis, Natural Language Processing, Recommender Systems.", "past positions":"Deputy COO - Tower Research Capital, Risk Analytics Consultant - Citi Markets, Equity Derivatives IT - BNP Paribas", "education":[ "Master of Science in Electrical Engineering, CentraleSupelec 2002" ], "licenses":[ "Series 7", "Series 24" ] } }